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78th Day of B90X (Acts 6:8- 16:37)

Good afternoon everyone from Oconomowoc, WI~

 We are into our last ten days of reading.  Way to go!  This has been a really great journey through the Bible.  It doesn’t matter how many times I have read through it, I am always intrigued at something new.  The story of Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit born out through humanity and planet earth is like no other.

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St. Patrick’s Day 2011

St. Patrick holds up a shamrock to explain to King Laoghaire the nature of the trinity.

St. Patrick was newly arrived in Ireland in the year 433 when the eve of Easter Sunday coincided with the pagan feast of Beltaine. On the hill of Slane, visible across the valley from the High King’s seat on the Hill of Tara, he and his followers kindled the paschal flame in defiance of the royal edict that no fire be lit on that night except the bonfire of the Druids. “If that fire is not put out this night,” warned the Druids, “it will never be extinguished in the whole of Ireland.” During that night Patrick and his followers chanted the Faed Fiada or “Deer’s Cry” for protection, so named because the soldiers of King Laoghaire, sent to arrest the violators of the edict and put out the fire, saw only a mother doe and her fawns. The prayer also known as the Lorica or “St. Patrick’s Breastplate”. The Paschal fire was not extinguished that night and the next day, Easter Sunday, Patrick obtained permission from Laoghaire to preach Christianity in Ireland. The rest, as they say, is history. St. Patrick, ora pro nobis.

I bind to myself today
The strong virtue of the Invocation of the Trinity:
I believe the Trinity in the Unity
The Creator of the Universe.

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Day 74 of 90 (Lu10:1- 20:19)

Wow we are now 82% of the way through the entire Bible.  Admirable of you to stick with it so faithfully.  Good work.

If ‘promise’ is a key word for the entire Old Testament, ‘fulfillment’ is a key word for the New Testament.  We read promise after promise by Father towards his people and the world.  Promises to Adam, Noah, Abraham, David, Solomon, and others.  Those promises are all fulfilled in Jesus Christ.  Jesus is the key figure in the New Testament.

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Relief Aid for Japan

Japanese Tourboat rests precariously on one of only a few remaining structures left in Otsuchi, Japan.

Parts of the island of Japan are now nearly 8 feet from where they were just a week ago.  A record breaking earthquake along with a record breaking death count and physical devastation has hit our world like never before.  With our ability to receive vast amounts of information at break-neck speed, the impact of this natural disaster is so much greater than many of us can fathom.   Our ability to watch a mud wave roll through towns, farms, and countryside is beyond surreal.  There was nothing any of us could do to stop it.  It destroyed everything in its path.

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Day 69. (Matt 5:1- 15:39)

Just a little reminder- Daylight savings time change this Saturday night.  Unfortunately, an hour loss of beauty sleep as we move our clocks ahead an hour
This Sunday- Refugestarts.  Yes.  We will be commissioning Pastor Caleb a.k.a. Pastor K-lub, Pastor Chone, or PK.  If you have families in your sphere of influence who have 6-8th graders, not fully planted in a local church community, give them a shout, invite them to church, meet them on Sunday morning, introduce them to PK, have a great time, and head to Castle Cafe afterwards for some awesome Chicken Fried Chicken and cracklin’ gravy.  We are so looking forward to this.  Folks have been praying.
Matthew- Just when we thought we were getting away from the Old Testament when we saw the New Testament starting…. wrong-O.  We started the book of Matthew with all sorts of names from the Old Testament, references to the Exile, and major references to men like David and Solomon.  And that is all just in the first half of the first chapter.

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