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Rush Sunday TODAY!


Today (Sunday, 01.17.16) is Small Group Rush Sunday at CRBC.

After church, we will have an expo of all the Small Groups and Summit Ministry Teams. If you have want to join a Small Group, want more information about starting a Small Group, or have questions please come to Rush Sunday or  visit the small groups page.

Flannelgraph Favorites!

Flannelgraph-WEBDoes anyone remember the days of Sunday School when the Flannelgraph was the visual-king-of-the-day?  I fondly recall when our teacher would tell a story and animate it with those 2 dimensional flat, felt, life-like recreations of Jesus, the disciples, Noah, David and Goliath, Samson, and so many more.
Oh those were the days.  I can see it in my minds-eye now.  Because of those stories and that technique, the ideas are firmly imprinted in my mind.  For the next four weeks, we are going to return to the pre-computer graphic days and do a series called Flannelgraph Favorites.
We’ll highlight some of our favorite OT stories that are so indelibly etched in our minds.  We’ll add some new thoughts and of course, make application to today for all of us.  I can’t wait!

Redeem The Day

Redeem-Halloween-WEBREDEEM THE DAY

There’s only one time of year that the ‘no solicitors’ signs in the neighborhoods of Castle Rock are expected to be ignored, and the streets flood with miniature door-to-door masqueraders who come to our front porches demanding candy rewards for there efforts.
Halloween, from which most of evangelicals purposefully refrain or protest, is the only night during the year that our neighbors and their families come into our space and expect us to interact with them.
What if instead of avoiding this holiday, we used it as an opportunity to purposefully engage with our neighbors and influence our culture? This Halloween, we are encouraging the CRBC family to set up a ‘living room’ in their front yard and to invite their neighbors into conversation as they come to our homes to celebrate Halloween.
Lets be the ‘light’ on our block and neighbors of hope in our community.

Potluck (10.25.15)

Potluck2-WEBPotluck • Sunday, October 25Th

Please bring your family’s favorite homemade dish to share with your church family!  After our normal church service we’ll eat together.  Even if you can’t bring something, please come anyway, we promise there will be SOOOOOO much to eat. We always have enough for everyone.

Oh and did we mention that it’s a BYE week for the Broncos, so no reason to rush away!


HolyGhostReborn-SquareMOVIE NIGHT

We want to pack the house for a ‘sold out’ showing on Sunday, October 18th at 6:00pm.

Invite your friends, it is free!!

For more information about the film, please visit  This movie will fire you up to want to do more for the Kingdom!