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“The Demise of Guys”

This link came my way and so I checked it out.   It really challenged me as I have often pondered the internet and technological age in which we are so engrossed.  What will the long term affects of this all mean?  How have you seen it play out in your life or the lives of those you love?  Is there a scriptural antidote?  View, ponder, and work it out with fear and trembling.

At the bottom of the article there is a link to a TED Talk by Dr. Zimbardo. Please take a look at that as part of this exercise.

Marble’s Monday Menagerie 05.14.2012

A few posts which caught my attention~~

Small churches and their leaders still matter.

What quality in a leader do you think is most important?  Is it this one?

A well balanced life requires more than incessant Bible studies.

Oh to be an introvert in church.

For my archaeology friends.

A life giving perspective on the decisions we make.  The comments on this one may be just as good as the article.

The travesty of the flesh, the upcoming Olympics, and the greed associated with both.

Inward pointing arrows

Tom Rainer nails it again with a great post on what an inward focused church looks like.  Woe to the church which turns into a social club.  Not what the Great Commission was intended to look like.

He says there are more items which could be added to it.  I would add a #11 No Generous Giving to those Outside the Church.

What would you add to the list?

Read the comments.  Very insightful on the state of some churches around us and the trap some pastors think they are in.  Sad.